22 Oct Minor blog hitches and changes.
Category: Announcement

Over the course of the day I have been upgrading the blog to WordPress 2.3, a great upgrade of my favorite blogging platform that helps reduce loading times, add sidebar features and plug security holes. I have also adjusted a lot of stylesheet properties to prevent justified text, strange headline typography and general appearance tweaks.


You may have noticed the blog going down for a few minutes today, then back up with a default theme, and having bumpy service for an hour as the uploaded files were being restored. This is the last time such a public ‘rebuilding’ will happen; in the meantime, I have a working ‘Maintenance Mode’ plugin now to disable the blog for fixes. I will schedule a maintenance in two days for graphical fixes and more feature additions like back to home-links. Got more input? Let me know in the comments.

Edit; Yes, the permalink structure is revamped as well!

Edit (11:23 GMT); Header is now clickable again.

Final edit (0:25 GMT); Footer fixes, still having trouble with images posts past this month. Can someone help me with the problem that all old uploads are in a folder called ‘ ‘ (whitespace)? No FTP app seems to be able to navigate into these folders, but you can with some commandline trickery. Leave tips in the comments.

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  1. Looking good Seb. I might suggest making the header a link to http://blog.cocoia.com/ though, I’ve found myself try to click it twice already. :-)

  2. 2

    Same goes for me !

  3. 3

    Yeah. Now I will read this blog again.
    Last time, wasn’t sure anymore…



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