31 Oct End-of-Month roundup.
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October 2007 has changed a lot around here; the blog redesign, a whole new series of posts and a very large increase in traffic for the fourth time (in the short while it’s been around). A small roundup of articles of the last month and thoughts on the ‘transition’.

The Delicious Library 2 preview I posted up has been followed up today by new screenshots over at Wired. I can’t say I am too impressed looking at the screenshots, but I guess only actually using an application makes for a good judgement.

My graphical look at Final Cut Server was followed up by quite a few emails concerning Apple’s ‘icon rage’ lately. It seems Leopard’s gotten a lot of love (save perhaps the Expose and Spaces icons) but some applications were left out with pretty bad icon work.

And then there was the Dock frenzy after Leopard hit the stores; in the meantime, we’ve seen large-scale customization and even complete disabling of the newfangled Dock. Some (slightly) acceptable modifications struck my eye on Macthemes’ forum today (click images to go to the release in question);

I still have my fingers crossed for a nice application that lets you customize the Dock easily – perhaps I’ll even start using it again.

With a few other minor posts this month, I’d say it has been a very nice lineup of news, curious little developments and interesting things. Your input on how I have been changing the blog is welcome as always, although I’ll mention in advance that I intend to keep up the posting as you’ve seen lately, with occasional personal bits in between a succession of the things that pique my interest.

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