21 Nov

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For the last month, I have been working on a freeware icon set to supersede all my older work. I was interested in how much I could learn by attracting critique from the most valued artists and criticasters I have in my buddy lists and address book, and I took it all to the heart. I decided to make a folder set that would find the middle ground between the flat front-on perspective of Mac OS X Leopard and the old, spatial perspective of folders in Tiger.

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19 Nov

Supermegaultragroovy released the upgraded Fuzzmeasure today, a very powerful application for recording, live sound and acoustics professionals. The new icon was made by yours truly, and I will blog about the making of this icon soon – it was an interesting tour of concepts.

Picture 56.png

For now, check out the free trial and website.

19 Nov
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News has hit digg that Apple receives iPod Touch / iPhone IMEI numbers when someone queries the Calculator, Stocks, or Weather applications on the aforementioned devices. What I am about to tell you might be too harsh, but consider it fueled by the thousands of comments streaming in about “… fanboys justifying this …” and “if Microsoft did this!…”.

Operators of cellphone networks use IMEI numbers, or model-specific serial numbers, to track subscriptions, usage, and identity of devices on the network. It’s in the specification for GSM and UMTS. You IMEI is transmitted at every communication with every cell tower in your vicinity. And now people are crying wolf that Apple might or might not service you Weather and Stocks if your IMEI number isn’t valid? Ladies and gentlemen, this is a standard part of a standardized specification that is over 20 years old. Get over it.

15 Nov
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Picture 32.png

Peter Saville is one of my favorite graphic designers from the U.K. and as such, I thought this was a nice interview. Especially nice if you don’t know him very well, although you may know his work, like this Joy Division cover.

edit: Forgot to link the actual interview. Doh!

15 Nov
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It’s been a bit silent around here lately, but this is just incredible. I’m going to get me one of these. Via Infosthetics.

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12 Nov
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Gedeon Maheux writes up how the ‘Marble of Doom’ website came to be.

Scary enough, I realized after reading this that ‘Marble of Doom’ slipped into my vocabulary after I had seen the website and my girlfriend laughed when I first used it out loud. Memes, anyone?

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