27 Nov
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Thanks a lot, guys!


27 Nov
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CCP, creators of the only game I play (regularly) showed off a new graphics engine in this trailer I found today. A few screenshots taken by me and link inside.

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26 Nov
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I purchased a Flickr Pro account today, having the benefit of unlimited uploads, sets, and collections seemed like a great deal to me and I have come to love flickr over the time I had an account there. To put the new account to good use, I registered my personal part of flickr and added a good lot of sketches and a more complete set of icons I have made (although far from everything).

War on Bad Design Poster 2. Designer Folders War on Bad Design. Robodock flyer. My House of Leaves

You can find my account at www.flickr.com/photos/cocoia/ from now on.

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24 Nov
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About a year back, the portfolio of Jon Asgeirsson (don’t kill me if I misspelled this) could be found on the internet, separate from the website of EVE Online. Jon is the leading artist and concept designer of this massive multiplayer online space-simulator. Now that it seemed offline, I struggled to find it again, and I did.


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24 Nov

From the same source as the stack drawers, I found that a new little application had been released that turns Leopard into the premiere point release of OS X when it comes to desktop customization. Susumu Yoshida, a talented icon designer, released his very elaborate set of brightly colored and nicely textured stack drawers, which I tested during the last week and thoroughly enjoyed. See this desktop screenshot;


Click for original and fullsize at Flickr.

I found that a software company, CocoaMug, has put together a tool to customize every aspect of your dock. It’s called Palette, and costs a mere $6.90 for a full license. It doesn’t just allow you to choose a color for the background of your 3D dock, but it also allows you to set these beautiful ‘drawer’ icons for individual stacks – making using stack drawers as simple as drag and drop. Click here for an impressive video demo on Susumu’s blog. Thanks for sharing, Susumu!

22 Nov
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Orion icon set sheet.

Click for full size at flickr.

For those of you holding out on Orion (for whatever reason) or those that are curious, I compiled a sheet with Orion’s icons at all special sizes. Of course, you can find the (high-resolution 512 pixel) icons in the icon set itself.

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