29 Sep Pixel Blocks Wallpaper
Category: Goodies

Another quick wallpaper release before the reformatting / redesign of my blog next month. A quickie I put together using Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

Once again, 2560×1600 for all shapes and sizes of screens.

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6 Responses

  1. 1
    Block Man 


  2. 2

    A bit dark, no?

  3. 3

    If the blocky pattern shows as too dark for you, it may be an issue with your monitor. I’ve tested it on my iMac, where it’s very subtle, and on a PC, where it’s very visible.

  4. 4

    What did you use C4D for? Found anyone who can develop your page with wordpress yet?

  5. I prefere dark wallpapers, the most part of the time I use a solid color.
    Sincerely, I don’t give them much importance, but when I saw it in my rss feed I thought: this is the best wallpaper I’ve been looking forever.
    Nice and deep balance.

    Thank you so much for share :)

  6. Is this released under any license? CC-BY?


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