16 May WWDC 2009
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It’s a first for me; I’ll be in town June 3rd – June 14th. I’m a bit too poor to actually go to the Moscone and check out sessions that are focused on developers, so I’ll just be going across town meeting people and working.

The Moscone

I got quite a few emails already from people and companies that would like to meet up; as the schedule is quickly filling up, if you’d like to connect, let me know early!

I intend to visit Japantown and North Beach more this time around. It’s my fourth time going to San Francisco, so I haven’t nearly seen enough of the awesome city that is San Francisco yet.

Are you going to WWDC? I’m taking suggestions on toy shops and great restaurants for the time that I’m over. Now that I’m 21, I can also check out more of the night life. Some sweet places I found in the past are shops like Double Punch in North Beach and Cesario’s, a pretty good Italian restaurant near Union Square.

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    Aw, I am not going this year, while i was last year. I would have liked to meet up, perhaps next year :D

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    Will there still be a Pixel Assembly?

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    Would be great to see some day by day coverage :) Hope it all goes well man, I’m hoping to go next year with my latest project. Hope to see you there.

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    Alex: I’ll do my best in terms of coverage and potentially the regular UI roundups :) Will definitely be there next year, too.

  5. We always eat hear with the Sofa crew: http://tinyurl.com/pt873x, at least 4 times a week. Great sushi and other Japanese food (good seaweed salad too) for a very reasonable price. Much better than any of the other affordable sushi places we tried.

    For a truly unique culinary experience, try Le Colonial, http://tinyurl.com/q3b35o, they serve incredible French/Vietnamese fusion food. Be prepared to spend around $80 a person though. Worth every penny.

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    San Francisco is a bunch of self-contained neighborhoods, each with their own flavor. Most people don’t drift out of the Moscone Center/downtown area so unfortunately that’s all they see. Get out a bit and you’ll get a real taste of the city. Most of it is accessible via tram, bus, or BART.

    Worth visiting: Golden Gate Park. You can spend a whole day at the Academy of Sciences, the De Young Museum, and the Japanese Tea Garden, then walk up to Inner Sunset neighborhood ‘downtown’ at 9th and Irving for a local feel. Catch the Muni metro tram back downtown.

    Another good area to visit is the Mission, around Valencia & 16th there are lots of good eateries and pubs. BART gets you there easily. Also try catching a baseball game at the ballpark on the waterfront at 3rd & King. A walk from the Market/Mission area. It’s worth the experience (but be prepared for ridiculous food/drink prices). Closer still is the Ferry Building where Market St. hits the water. There’s an outdoor farmer’s market there every Saturday and Tuesday until 2pm. It’s a nice place to hang out and relax.

    As for toy stores, try Giant Robot and Kidrobot near the Haight and KidTech in the Mission. If you haven’t been there yet, the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Japantown is one of the largest Japanese language bookstores outside Japan. So worth it.

  7. Hopefully we’ll cross paths somewhere in San Francisco then!

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    have fun!
    Man, waiting for 21 must suck. Thank god I live in Austria :P

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    Tania IT Geek 

    You must have a fantastic time, and met up with some interesting people, wow 21 well at least you were able to see the night life, to be that age again. I am enjoying your blog and the posts.