22 Sep the Captive Planet

It’s no secret to my Twitter followers that I’ve been very involved in games for the last few years, and I’m happy to announce that a part of my working time goes to UI and concept design for a game company. Apart from a lot of fancy interfaces (yay, holograms) I’ve been doing environments for an upcoming science fiction game, and I’m very excited with one I’ve come up with and was allowed to share: the Captive Planet.


The Captive Planet is a planet rich in natural resources, a valuable asset in any star system that’s just begging to have its riches extracted. Appearance-wise, it’s somewhat similar to Mars, but with its denser atmosphere and extremely hot temperatures, that’s about the only similarity they have. It’s mined by Hephaestus, a ‘wall’ that spans the entire circumference of the planet, and contracts into itself as it scrapes layer after layer off the surface of the planet, leaving behind little more than dust. Hephaestus is a crawling city, inhabited by miners and their families.


In the game, the player gets stranded on the Captive Planet at some point and is presented the harsh realities of living in ‘the Wall’ and choices that will determine the future of the planet and its inhabitants. I’m having lots of fun with this assignment, and I hope to keep you guys in the loop with several other very cool environments and designs I’m creating.

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    Wow, that’s one creative environment to be in. what’s the game company?

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    This looks super cool, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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    Nice! What platform will the game be released on?

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    @Andreas: It’ll be a console and PC game :)

  5. Do you mean you have the knowledge to do a game? Or maybe some friends they can do for you?

    I think you are incredible anyway, Sebastiaan :)

  6. 6

    Oh no, Daniel, don’t get me wrong. I’m hired by a pretty well-known game company to do design work :) I’d love to do my own games, but with my position in the project, I do have a lot to say, so I’m pleased either way.

  7. Wow, in addition you have the best job of a company, design work. Well, enjoy it and be happy Sebastiaan! :-D

  8. 8

    Did you know that city of Fermont, QC, Canada as such a “wall” structure:

    From Wikipedia:

    “The town is notable for the huge self-contained structure containing apartments, stores, schools, bars, a hotel, restaurants, a supermarket and swimming pool which shelters a community of smaller apartment buildings and homes on its leeward side. The structure was designed to permit residents (other than mine workers) to never leave the building during the long winter, which usually lasts about seven months”

    An image http://www.caniapiscau.net/images/photo_3_l.jpg

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    Congratulations! It looks great! I bet your going to have a lot of fun working on it!

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    Did you stop developing Composition? I would love to get a copy. I sent you an email some days ago and didn’t get any response.