02 Aug Painting for a living

I did this cover design for Sun Tzu’s ‘the Art of War’ eBook in Classics. It was done quite a while back, when I was just starting to use my Cintiq, but just recently the 1.3 update for Classics hit iPhones and iPods with a the latest bunch of new books.


I’ve never really had the time to spend a week on a painting, so this, too, is one in a series of speed paints. But it was my first actual ‘commercial’ painted work on my tablet. These days, I’m spending a lot more work on design work for games for iPhone and other platforms, and I’ve actually been using my tablet a whole lot. Painting is very different from my usual approach to designing, which involves making vector shape layers for everything. I’m far from actually painting for a living, but I can recommend designers to try doing more ‘free’ artwork design as well every now and then.

Quite a fun departure from my usual work: I’ll be able to show off a lot of cool stuff in September! Also, this month I will resume my regular posting schedule, including releasing a few more wallpapers and icons.

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    That’s a pretty awesome painting!

  2. That’s one awesome painting

  3. If you ever felt the need to take that departure from the beautiful work you’re mostly known for and venture out to commercial painting, then there’s nothing you should feel self-conscious about. Looks absolutely stunning and in fact it’s a piece you should make available to buy. It would fit perfect in my office.

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    Great painting. Can’t wait to see more art. Keep it coming

  5. 5

    Nice painting. I want a tablet Bad!!!

  6. Great work!

    The Gnomon Workshop is a great resource for anyone looking to get into Matte Painting. http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/store/category/29/Matte-Painting

  7. 7

    you painted that with a tablet? looks like watercolors