22 Jun My Sweet Mac Setup
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Shawn Blanc has a series of interviews up with various interesting folks sharing their Mac setups. I was honored to answer some of his questions and snap a few pictures of my desk and computer setup, which is in a constant state of flux.


Read the whole thing here. The entire series is worth checking out.


    Design Tea

    I was asked to answer a few questions from you all on the Design Tea podcast, right on the heels of Tim van Damme. (pardon the random...

    Who’s Sebastiaan?

    I really resisted the idea of writing a bit about myself, initially, but this year I was interviewed by newspapers and on radio shows and it...

    Plot Twist

    On March 30, I raised quite a few questions on Twitter when I changed my handle from the old @cocoia to @sdw -- a shorthand for my full name,...


    Boy, it's been a while. I really need to update everyone on what's up and what's coming up. - I've been working hard for the Mothership for the...

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  1. 1

    thats a super sweet setup!

  2. 2

    Hey Sebastiaan,

    Did you go with the glossy or matte screen on the 17″ Macbook Pro?

  3. 3

    @Andrew: Glossy. I think it keeps the design of the hardware together, and the matte screen doesn’t offer any significant advantage if you’re not a print designer. Even if you are a print designer, I’d recommend against using a laptop screen. Glossy is just gorgeous.

  4. 4

    Sweet…I love the cinema display. I have a 24″ iMac and a MBP… longing to get a cinema display to hook up my MBP or possibly second screen for my iMac.


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