06 Jun Big icon day
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Today was a pretty special day in San Francisco for me: it wasn’t just special because I had a truckload of work to do, but also because I had one of my first meetups with internet friends from Macrabbit. You might know them from the excellent CSSEdit.


The Moscone is looking awesome this year. There’s some gorgeous façade artwork on display – there’s a lot more images of it in this post, as well as a look at the banners they hung up inside. But those weren’t the only huge icons on display since today, since me and Sean designed a truly massive print ad for doubleTwist that’s displayed on the side of the flagship Apple Store. It hit TechCrunch after it had been up there for an hour. Some great images of that further into the post as well.

But let’s start where I left off last time. Before I went into the office yesterday, I picked up some jeans and other essential items at the Westfield mall and got some nice Japanese food for a very reasonable price at its subterranean food court.


Yeah, a subterranean food court. It’s always crazy busy there, as well. It offers everything from sushi, to upscale thai and custom burgers. Worth a visit when you’re in town.


The weather’s getting slightly worse over time, but it’s still agreeable. You could call it t-shirt weather.


After a day of work at doubleTwist and a lot of management of upcoming events and the WWDC week, I took Sean and Kat to Fisherman’s Wharf to eat at the local In ‘N Out, which is a Californian fast food chain. I wouldn’t go for any fast food while I’m in the US, but In ‘N Out is a different story.


What makes them special is the conspicuous lack of heat lamps, microwaves, freezers, and other processes that limit the freshness of their product. It feels like a very campy place to be, but the burgers are a real experience. ‘Tasty’ does not adequately describe them. While you’re there, ask them about the secret menu.


Since we walked downhill to the Wharf it sounded like a nice idea to take a traditional cablecar back up the hill, and it was very nice. Snapped a shot of a cab following us around:


Much nicer was the view from the top of the hill (south of Lombard St.), though. Gorgeous 2,5 second exposure that makes a mean wallpaper if you like busy photographic wallpapers.


The next day was very busy and eventful, as we were working on rush work for doubleTwist and meeting people across the city. To get the creative and energetic juices flowing, we went to the best coffee place in California in the morning: Blue Bottle. If you’re going to WWDC, they’re quite close to the Moscone. Expect a queue though.


Speaking of which, here’s the banners they put up at the Moscone. Looks like Snow Leopard is getting a bit more eye candy in its branding after all. Does this call for a new Snow Leopard wallpaper?



Overall, I love the look of the Moscone this year. It does seem like the Mac is just a small side-note, though.


Ah, and then there’s our huge doubleTwist ad that’s strategically placed on the side of Apple’s flagship store in the heart of San Francisco. It’s actually on the glass wall of the BART metro exit that’s right next to the Apple store.


Seeing a person being dwarfed by the logo that you designed is, well, kickass. The colors also nicely reflect in the Apple Store’s metallic façade.


From the inside of the BART station, the light falls through and it looks like a stained glass window. Gorgeous colors are cast onto the stairs.


Yep, that was certainly very rewarding. What do you guys think of the ad?

To wrap the day up, Sean and me met with the Macrabbit guys that had just flown in and had some Chipotle, a nice chain of Mexican cuisine restaurants. Superb taco’s – get them with the lettuce and cream / cheese.


After some dinner and meeting up with fellow icon / UI designer Mischa (who will soon start working at Apple), we relaxed in a nearby Starbucks and wrapped up this eventful day.


With these kind of days, I’m really wondering what next week will be like.

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  1. 1

    i saw the ad being mention on jon’s blog… very awesome work seb :D

    and your pictures make me hungry, lol

  2. 2

    Sweet report. I’ll sure be going to some of these places when I visit SF later this year.

  3. 3

    Seb, Upload some of them to your flickr album too.. I would like to browse through your photos too…

  4. Wow. Your ad looks incredible! I never realised you guys were advertising DoubleTwist in the *real* poster-filled world – any chance you can put one up over in the UK somewhere?!

    The colours look fantastic, and to the average passer by, I’m willing to bet a load of people inquire in that Apple Store about “That DoubleTwist thing you’re advertising outside”. The poster is beautiful, the icon looks monolithic at that size., and to see your own work at that scale, in that location must feel fantastic.

    I love these posts about your stay over in SF – brings some sunlight to my screen while I’m stuck in London.

  5. 5

    Wow, that’s a very nice ad. But most of all I liked the food-pics, can you send one of these mexican tacos to me please? I’m wondering what next week will bring you too..

  6. I did a doubletake yesterday when I walked by your ad. I thought some workers had let slip a new advertisement a few days early. ;-) Nice work!

  7. 7

    I simply love your blog, you’re a very fascinating person! Posts like these are great! Keep it up.

  8. It’s great to hear you’ve discovered the wonders that are In ‘N Out and Chipotle! Good ol’ Californian cuisine.

    Beautiful ads, by the way!

  9. 9

    Cool! Keep us posted with this stuff :)

  10. That blue twisty logo is not an apple logo, it is the logo for double twist.

  11. Oh wait, never mind, it has already been mentioned.

  12. 12

    You deserve better tacos than Chipotle can offer! I don’t really know the Mission but the available there is legendary. If you’re in Soma, try the El Norteno taco truck across from the police station on Folsom at 6th. Being in the US is no excuse for not avoiding chains!

  13. 13

    Wouhaaaaaa New MacBook Pro :)
    Nice keynote with many surprise and good preview for snow leopard.

  14. 14

    cool apple cure add! and of course the burgers look soooo good

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