05 Mar Silenzio.
Category: Icon Design

I’m having a silent week or two before the launch of my biggest projects. I haven’t a lot of stuff to write about either, so I don’t expect a lot of posts until March 14th. At least I can give a tiny teaser of the smallest project, which is still… quite sizeable. I plan to release a ton of stuff at once, so check back soon.


I’ll see you all when this place goes boom!

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4 Responses

  1. Awesome icons, they are looking great! Can’t wait to see some more updates soon, keep it up. ;)

  2. One word.


  3. Looking great so far but I will be honest and say they are rather plain compared to your previous icon sets.

  4. 4
    Ryan Learoyd 

    I’m really excited about your icons. I’ve been holding out for a full set for a while and have been using a mix of your orion set as well as designer icons. I refuse to replace any of my icons with anything other than your fantastic designs. Just wondering if they will be free or wether they will carry a fee? Either way I will definately be using them. My Candybar eagerly awaits. Ry.