16 Apr Matt Gemmell reviews Icon Resource.

Matt Gemmell, legendary coder of Mac OS X source code and programming fame, has posted an expansive review of Icon Resource on his blog.

I genuinely feel like I learned a lot about what was previously something of a black art to me, and I couldn’t help but come away feeling enthusiastic about the prospect of creating some of my own icons for future software projects – or just for fun.

Check it out here if you’re interested!

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4 Responses

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    I can only support what Matt is saying!

  2. 2

    I love good Icons, even when people understand thier true value, they are still underrated.

    One thing that made MAC’s always better than PC’s was the great Icons. A computer that says “what would like do?” is better than one that says “you can do it, if you can figure it out!”.

    great site!


  3. Hi Sebastian – Excellent and resource full articles out there. Thanks all for the insight and knowledge sharing.

    I have one questions for all n the iPhone ICON resource. It seems that a shadow / glare appears on the top half of all icon on the Iphone device. I have designed (I am a novice) an icon without the glare but when deployed on the device a glare appear. Apparently the notes and calendar icon do not have it but other do.

    I am very puzzled by it and cannot find any rationale explanation or information anywhere on this.

    Do you you have any idea or insight to share and the reason being this ghost glare?

    thank you all very much

  4. Ok here is the tip for anyone who want to remove the default Apple Iphone OS2.0 rendition in your xcode project Info.plist add:

    Key Value
    UIPrerenderedIcon 1

    build and go and the glare is gone.