30 Dec Linked item.
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To explain the last ‘post’; I’d like to introduce you to the linked item. It’s a tumblr-esque way of posting links to cool stuff without making a whole post. Let me know if it somehow breaks, as I’ve hacked it into WordPress myself, and I’m not much of a PHP ninja, if you know what I mean! :)

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    Why don’t you just use Tumblr?

  2. 2

    For one, I love WordPress. I know it, I can host it, my themes for it work, and it has great plugins. Otherwise, I’m too lazy to switch!

  3. Very cool feature. I’m thinking of doing something like this on one of my [unfinished] websites.

    Do you have this tied in to the ‘Links’ section in the WordPress admin? Just curious…

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    Cool. But it doesn’t look like you can leave comments on a linked item? Or did you combine the next post with the linked item post?… Hope that makes sense :).

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    I don’t know if it will look good if you have more linked items without any posts between them.

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    How did you go about implementing this feature in WordPress? Can you give some hints?

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    Yes, I was already considering a post explaining how you go about implementing such a thing.

    Once you get around to it, it’s quite easy. For a starting point, check out Lofitribe’s excellent post on making a WordPress / Tumblr hybrid, as it gives a fair indication of how much you need to do to make this work. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post how I did it myself (I used one plugin for using a custom post template for the ‘Linked’ category so the RSS doesn’t send you to something that looks like all other posts).

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    It’s a great idea and it would be great if you share your way with us. Thanks

  9. Not sure if you caught it but we released a tutorial over at WPCandy on how to change the RSS permalink for these types of posts. This way, you can install it as a plugin or within your theme and no WordPress hacking is required. ;)


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    Timothy Andrew 

    I love this idea; was thinking about implementing something like this myself.
    Would be very helpful if you could share your process.