31 May Your chance to speak out: Icondesigner.net multi-platform icons?
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Now is the perfect time to comment – if you would only comment once (like uh, you loyal US Courts-domain using RSS-based blog reader, please let me know who you are!) in your lifetime here, do it now. I really want to make a good decision on this.

On Macthemes, there are questions for some alternative formats of the icons, apart from a DMG with an ICNS resource slapped on it. PNG, perhaps a set of Windows / Linux desktop environment icons. How should I go about this? Do you guys want other formats than just OS X compatible icon resources? This week, IE is used by about 6,7% of my visitors, where the Windows-using portion of the readers is about 18%, and the Linux / *nix using crowd an estimated 10 to 16%. There is also someone using OS/2 (who are you, you fascinating individual?).

Now let me know. Comment, email (you can find my address on my site) or let me know by Macthemes private message what I should do in the future with my icon formats.

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    You seem focused on the Mac, so why not stay that way?

    I’ve looked at some of your icon/graphic work. Much of it (wireshark/praetorian) seems very “glassy”. Remind me more of Vista than Mac OS X.

    When I look at my Dock, the majority of my icons are colourful and “shiny”, rather than dark and glassy.

  2. 2

    It’s true that (mostly Praetorian) the icons use some degree of ‘gloss’. I am pushing for a more ‘diffused’ look as you can see in the Preview replacement icon, and Praetorian has different icon states (which complicate the design – but hey, that’s going to be very clear soon with the beta).

    Thanks for the input, I have obviously considered multiple formats when I started but as you said, I consider my ‘target audience’ to be Mac users.

  3. 3

    If it’s not to much work to package the icons for other OS’es (which I guess is not), what do you fear?
    It can only enlarge the ‘audience’ :)
    If ‘glossy’ or ‘macish’ icon themes like nuoveXT or Snowish are successfull for Linux, why shouldn’t people care about your icons?
    I don’t think Vista users will be a big audience …they will likely want to go their own ways because they’re not into macish designs at all. They’ve got all they need with Aqua …eer ..I mean Aero ;)
    I’d go for multi-platform icons – it can’t hurt :)

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    it would be very coo, if you can do multiplatform icons. Would you design icons for Windows as well?