08 Sep You emailed, I listened; Let’s make the blog fuzzier.
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I’ll be committing myself to redesigning the blog to something that can last for the next year and represents my activities properly. Apart from the regular designing work, I think I have deprived and perhaps alienated my reading audience by reducing this blog to all my personal announcements and releases. I think people who have been subscribing since March or April have been disappointed in the lack of typography, graphic design, technical and personal (light-hearted) blog posts of general interest.

“So what does it all mean,?” I hear you ask. Light-hearted personal posts seem a bit of a drag, and perhaps you fear I’ll be filling up the blog with 40 posts per month again by making all of you very familiar with the 6 kittens I share my (home) office with. No, I’m not intending to go completely irrelevant in a week, but I do want to commit to having a fun blog you can actually find some nice content on that isn’t per-se exclusively mine or some sort of a public announcement. See the obligatory cloud on the right? The ‘announcement’ category has grown out to be one of the biggest. I should, you know, get a *real* site for that kind of stuff, and post news articles slash ‘press releases’ on that. I just want to show the things I think are worth seeing. Time for some examples.

My real-life friend and creative genius Jelmar, for example, has been working on type design well before I started this blog. I have featured him a bit before, but I think his developments are something that warrants him to start blogging; he’s an incredibly clever person in finding words, imagery or curves that appeal to you in such a special way that it sticks with you for very long. In terms of type design and typography, his latest brainchild was Ace, an unfinished design for a typeface he posted in his flickr photostream;

Although it lacks kerning at this point (in layman’s terms, letter-spacing) it is evident this is a very original and strikingly beautifully designed typeface. You can check out his website, Typehigh, for more of his typographic designs; I can assure you he’s got a very nice lineup of typographical styles already, as well as some great print design and photography.

When I was mentioning kittens, it would be a bit harsh for them if I were to completely disregard them on my blog. I mean, they’re very sensitive in this stage. I decided to toughen them up with my Canon dSLR’s flash. Makes them manly.


Fuzzy doesn’t even come close to describe them.

It’s also, speaking as a geek, a technically interesting thing to see that these, well, basically automatons at this point, who have just gained vision since two days, crawl about aimlessly and have now – completely by accident – found the exit of the ‘tent’ they once entered the world in, and thus, are crashing out of it like lemmings from a cliff, continually making a soft, whiny, meowing sound as they progress towards their certain plummeting.

It’s quite interesting to see, because they don’t seem to learn at all; I mean, they are basically unable to causally see the relationship between them moving forward and falling off the edge. Comically, they do manage to solve the problem; one could say they have a special ‘exception handler’ if they can’t achieve something after trying basically a hundred times. And it looks like this:


The Chinook- er, I mean, mother cat just comes to pick them up like a carryall did with harvesters in Dune. Brilliant hardcoded goodness.

Well, that’s more than enough kitten for September, in my opinion. I’ll be updating the blog very, very soon now (I’ve actually got the design done, so I would imagine little stands in my way to start working it into a wordpress theme) and I will do a lot more fun, loosely related and experimental posts in the time to come.

ps. – no kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post. No, really, I dimmed my flash.

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    Awesome kittens :)

  2. 2

    They are amazing animals. :D
    By the way, Sebastiaan, is there any way to contact you? I’ve searched for an email on icondesigner.net but it ended with drama :D

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