21 Jun Wireshark replacement icon gets a Daily Deviation.
Category: Design, Personal Work

I’m honoured to present my third ‘Daily Deviation’ award on the biggest digital art site on the internet, deviantART. My replacement icon for Wireshark has gotten this beauty and I didn’t even notice until I had a gazillion messages and referrals to my website. Thanks for the kind words and downloads, everyone! If you want to download it, go to Icon Designer.

Link to the deviation in question…

I haven’t been very verbal lately and I couldn’t because I have had some life-changing moments that really need some thought. Perhaps I’ll divulge or make a long post about it a bit later on but at the moment, I’m really having some questions with utmost relevance about my future, my life in general, and well, what you are presented with here, my company, my idea, my ambitions. As I have said before, July will turn out an exciting month, but I can assure you it’ll be more of a rollercoaster to me and even more of a complete astonishment to you (or perhaps not, I just hope so). So, more updates soon… there has been huge progress in my work, and in my life. There’s certainly no lazy silence here. Not ever.

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