28 Jun War on Bad Design: Icon Set is a go!


A set of quality freeware icons by Icon Designer.

If you like this icon set, please comment, write a blog post, or drop me an email (see Icon Designer for contact details).


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6 Responses

  1. 1

    Huge work, amazing set !

    Thank you !

    (By the way, Love your new site ! It looks very “pro” :) )

  2. 2


    1) How do you replace the Finder icon ???

    2) I was thinking on using the Recon icon for the Sys Pref, but it doesn’t want to be replaced (like a normal app icon), how to replace it ??

    Otherwise, these are great ! Love the mail and Browser icon !

    Don’t know yet where to use the tank icon !!



  3. 3

    Hey Ritchie,

    I’ve had this question a bit more. Try Candybar, by Panic, to set such ‘stubborn’ icons.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone :).

  4. 4

    I really like these icons! The tank icon is my hard drive! Thanks for the great design!

  5. 5

    That’s ironic.

  6. Your link for Download is broken. :( So sad. Send me the link when you fix it? Pretty please. I was going to add a post about your icon set on my website DivaGeekDesigns.com and then I couldn’t. Made me sad.


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