10 Oct There is life in the blog.
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It’s well into October and the postcount of my blog has severely dwindled. I’m well aware of this, but a multitude of distractions and work has me working around the clock to settle things. But now, things are going to change.

I regularly had some problems finding time to write, and had a lot of time in which I sketched because I didn’t have computer access in travel or on locations. A week or two ago, I decided to bite the bullet and order an iPhone off eBay. It’s a laugh that with the current euro to dollar conversion rates, it is actually cheaper than the iPod Touch is in stores where I live (the Netherlands), and the device had me intrigued at the first unveiling. I’m an all-interface and user experience man, and having a mobile phone / iPod / internet device where even the icon looks to die for is like something tailor-made for me.

I’m also knee-deep in work, and this little device helps me organise along and keep in touch with people on the road. I’d say it is a good investment. Talking about work, if you happen to know or are an icon designer who is keen on the Cocoia style, knows the OS X aesthetic well, and generally feels at home making stuff that amazes people, drop me a line with your portfolio or some work – because it is almost time for Cocoia to expand beyond my initially set boundary of a single person (me) working on all assignments. Contact info for me can be found on Icon Designer

It wouldn’t be the ol’ familiar Cocoia Blog if this wouldn’t end with an announcement. I have been talking about the blog design a lot lately, and the design is almost ready for prime-time. Who knows, it might just be a few refreshes away in the next week.

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  1. Looking forward to your new blog design. I’m curious though about the iPhone; did you have to unlock it in order to use it? And how do you expect to make calls on it in the Netherlands?

  2. 2

    Love the new design Sebasstiaan. Very very cool!