30 Mar The Cocoia Blog; now with 100% new look.

So long, dark black glossy design of March. The Cocoia Blog april design is here! Expect a black and white theme switcher soon, as I am just too lazy and occupied to do that right now. What strikes me most right now is how legible my blog has become with this black on white scheme. Like it? Dislike it? Give me a line.

Rest in peace, March Design.
Cocoia Blog (20070331) 1.jpg

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3 Responses

  1. 1

    I love this new theme, and I am getting more and more interested into your posts.

    PS: Is this just me or the comment section? It’s still totally black!

  2. 2

    Ah, much better. :)

    (p.s. de offlineheid is groots bij jou de laatste dagen? :> )

  1. […] In a push towards total consistency and a more enjoyable reading, I am working hard on two complimentary stylesheets with their own graphics for the blog. I think I’ll settle with it as being the ‘May Theme’, just like March’s theme was replaced 3 weeks ago by this one. […]