31 May Stop bothering me.
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I don’t know what moron calls himself ‘Fag stomper’ at all, but I already know you’re from Michigan, in the city of Lansing, Comcast for a provider and they got a complaint about someone spamming just now. Stop posting offensive comments, it’s useless as I have to moderate them anyway. I consider the matter closed. Here, take a look at this purdy map of your location:

For everyone but me and this strange individual; some strange person has been trying to post rather offensive and blatantly misspelled comments on my blog. I won’t repeat his words, because they will simply be ignored, and deleted. Get a life, dude.

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    As a person originally from Okemos (that dot to the right on the map), I apologize for my cityfolk.

    We’re not all idiots.

  2. 2

    As a person who just visited Lansing last month I can verify that they’re not all idiots.