17 Jun Something’s brewing and you know it.
Category: Personal Work

I have been struggling to get out a few more blog updates in my busy schedule lately. I am wrapping up this term at the Academy the 20th (that’s in a few days, yes) and after that, I’m going to have a lot to consider.

Anyway, I’m up to stuff, as you might have figured out by now. Apart from having some social obligations and things to do, I’ve got quite some client work rounded up lately and I’ve also gotten a few new requests for proposals. So, naturally, a new Icon Designer is in the works!


This and much more fancy graphics in the next few days. I might even get around to posting a preview of the new Cocoia website, which is really… well, the concept left me speechless, but as it’s looking now, it’s going to be incredible.

Also: taking some requests on what icons need replacement in the ‘military’ icon set. Let me know what icon you’d like to have a new look most (can be any icon, preferably not of a third-party)


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