22 Jun Quicksilver, only totally pimped out.
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Quicksilver’s been one of my most loved and used applications for a long while now, and the single driving force for it’s continuous rule of my desktop is it’s fantastic community development. I can inject a python interpreter into anything, I interface with my entire computer while Quicksilver’s actually smoking, and above all, I can do without thinking. I can ‘instinctively’ tap a few keys and Quicksilver knows what I want.

Ankur Kothari, first responsible for the awesome Fumo interface for Quicksilver that actually smokes, and making an awesome, full-fledged how-to and Xcode project that can help you out if you are interested in making your own Quicksilver interface (which was very handy to me), now has made a plugin that does something that I instantly thought of was kick-ass; it plugs into Quicksilver and lets you set some of it’s animations; including several of Quicksilver’s new, and cool effects. If you run Quicksilver, I suggest checking out this how-to and the plugin itself. It’s made me even more appreciative of Ankur’s great efforts to help all of us Quicksilver-veterans up-to-date with some awesome new features, looks, and ways to operate your computer.

Here’s a little movie. Please, Ankur, continue work on this, if you need some work where graphics are involved, let me know. Give him an email or comment to show your support for his awesome efforts over all this time.

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    As I already told you, I’m a recently converted to quicksilver, which I initially used as a simple application launcher. Now, I do all kind of fancy stuff with it, like uploading pics to flickr, sending email-attachments, and all kinds of batch operations.

    I really love its flexibility and features – there should only be a couple more skins available, which show off with some eye candy ;)