21 Apr Praetorian Update: April 2007
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Hello beta testers, time for an update.

Praetorian has been rolling steadily towards it’s Public Beta release candidate. As I have seen the trouble with compiling your own, I will make the latest sources of FreeRADIUS available as binary packages upon release, to save you the hassle. From there on, Praetorian will show you how your network’s going (the information architecture has been thrown upside down here, since the last preview) and your server is.


Regardless of your understanding of computers, Praetorian will allow you to set up a Mac in your network to be a RADIUS server. This means you can let people log into your wireless or wired network with a username and password, or simply filter people based on hardware (MAC) addresses.
Praetorian has assistants for these tasks built in. If you have an Airport, it’s just a few clicks away to a super-secure network.


The release candidate now has a probable release date and some features left undiscussed recently.

- New IndieHIG-compliant custom interface widgets.
- If licenses allow, a blazing fast scanning method to keep tabs on people online.
- Full document support; Praetorian’s own document type, raddb format, and SQL.
- Unlimited Undo functionality.
- Spotlight integration.
- Unparalleled security methods; passwords are stored in the keychain and kept in memory in an encrypted state.
- A separate Leopard version ready for release when OS X 10.5 is released.


Cocoia expects to start public beta as soon as June 10th, culminating with the launch of the Cocoia Beta Panel, but expects at least one pre-release candidate beta release before commencing testing on the final branch.

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