04 Sep Posting just got a whole lot easier.
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I must be killing all of you with the excitement of the release tomorrow but I just wanted to show how great it is for me now that I happily run MarsEdit 2. It’s a great piece of desktop blogging software, originally by Ranchero (the guys behind NetNewsWire) but it’s been acquired by Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software. Daniel has done some great work on MarsEdit, from giving the interface some much-needed spit and polish (including some great icons) to Flickr integration, which allows me to share with my frequent blog readers that I, too, have a new flickr account with icon sketches and icon designs that I will also use a lot more in the future. Here’s an easily added image of my Flickr sets that I put into this blog post with a simple click;

Doodles and terminal.

The image above is the new Terminal icon replacement for the War on Bad Design set, which had been teasing the 110 viewers of my photostream since a few days already, and will now serve as the final teaser before everything will be new again. Stay tuned, and if you blog, check out the two-point-oh of MarsEdit here (it’s a free trial for unregistered users!).

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  1. Thanks for sharing the MarsEdit love :) I’m glad the Flickr integration is working well for you.