21 Aug Post-Lowlands post.
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Wow, what a blast. The last four days could only be described as my second Lowlands that left me completely in awe. Large acts on this festival included Mika, Gabriel Rios, Basement Jaxx, Chris Clark, the Editors, the Kaiser Chiefs and Tool. And to Tool I went.


My head should be about at the horizon of human bodies at the left. My girlfriend, quite a bit less large as I am, is hidden by all the people. As it might convey, it was a nuthouse of people pushing, throwing beer, hitting me and more of such annoying things, but that utter and complete torture of the body was well worth massaging the soul with the purely amazing show and music.

But Lowlands isn’t entirely about the music (although I was swinging at acts like Orishas, Clark, Air Traffic and Ojos de Brujo), it’s about the atmosphere, food, and people. I really enjoyed it from setting up the tent to driving home at 5 AM. So much for my vacation, back to the daily icon life.

Noble has been selling great, and I found myself engrossed in email when I came back. I will, given my degree of exhaustion, keep it at this limited price today, but I will set a new base price tomorrow; €50,-. I think a price cut can be justified, and I won’t hear anyone complaining about that, I think. To all people who got the set; I will be sending your package out today.

I’ll make some new refreshing posts soon to show my progress in the days that I am picking up work again and I want to thank everyone for the kind input and messages I got while I was away.

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