08 Nov Naked Light preview.

Fellow designer Fernando Lins pointed out this link to a website that grabbed my attention.

Picture 9.png

Naked Light, as previewed, promises to be a fully resolution-independent image editor with all the powerful features a designer might need. I won’t be making my judgement until I have actually used the application (the public beta will be due in a day and 10 hours, at the moment of writing) but it seems promising, going from the website;

Naked light throws away antiquated concepts like pixels; layers; 8-bit color; and destructive, non-re-editable filters and operations. Instead, compositions in Naked light represent a sort of Platonic ideal—with infinite resolution, an astounding 590 quintillion colors, and perpetually re-editable nodes.

Hopefully, this will help alleviate the high hopes users had for a Photoshop replacement in Pixelmator, which apparently failed to deliver.

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    I don’t know if Pixelmator really failed. I think of it as an evolving application. I would venture to predict that it will be a bit more robust in just a few months time. The two brothers seem to be working diligently and release bug fixes and new features with some regularity.


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