21 May Minor tweaks, looking forward…
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Okay Timezones users, regular blog readers and others; I think we’re gearing up for a great 1.1 release of Timezones in a few weeks, with hopefully the Praetorian beta-ready by the time I specified in April. There were some nice words on the icon on MacThemes and Aidemac (and some hits from other customization forums – thanks for holding up the copyright policy, guys, appreciate it) so I think it can do with a few tweaks to finalize it’s appearance. It seems (hard to notice on low-contrast displays) that the shadows are slightly cut, and the perspective of the images might do better with a different distortion angle. So you can look forward to that with the other tweaks and new themes that Timezones will see.

Timezones 1.1, by the way, will feature the disk image art you’ve all missed (I was doing it erroneously so you guys missed some nice, nice graphics. Ah well, coming up later), some more solid icons, extra timezones (because, unlike many people think, there aren’t just 24 time zones) and the themes are surely something to look forward to. It’s price tag will also see an ‘update’ – we are going from three to four dollars per personalized copy.


Regarding the website, before I am launching Main, I want to appeal to the people buying, so I got that online as a priority. Take a look at the elegant new ‘buying’ page;


I look forward to releasing Cocoia Main and the work I did with various developers on icons and interfaces. My own work too, of course, and everything I wanted to share with the world for a long time. It’s going to be an exciting time.

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