13 Mar Magsafe? Or; Why Apple might be screwing you too.
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I love my Mac. It’s become an extension of my mind. I’ve never felt the need for bottomless praise for Apple, but I am positive about their products. This contention really came to a screeching halt when my first Macbook Pro started melting. Yes, the battery got hot to the point of bending open and my case was bent as well. In short, Apple had this problem more, because they shipped my Macbook Pro to America (all the way from the Netherlands to California) immediately, without further discourse. When I called Applecare, they were quite adamant on giving me back exactly the same model. You know, uh, the same model, that almost burned down my house. I demanded a proper refund, or threatened to take legal action because of the threat they had posed to my health.
In the discussion, I lost 3 months, in which I was forced to do all my design work on an old Windows PC I still had. There was no question of a replacement model. I eventually got a speed upgrade of 0.16 Ghz (from a 1.83 MBP to a 2.0 Ghz MBP), far lower than my demand but they weren’t willing to settle, and I badly needed my workstation back. Upon receiving it, I got a new Magsafe, my old one had already gone quite bad;

It’s bending angle is less than optimal, resulting in a sort of lump on the cable I saw at friends’ Macbooks too. I went to the Apple store in my neighborhood, and they claimed it was my fault, that all of this couldn’t be sent to Apple, etcetera. If you have had this problem, you were probably served similarly. However, the truth is, Apple has been screwing you.


As you can see, this new Magsafe adapter features a much wider angle to bend it in, as it’s gotten essentially the same treatment as the old, proven design. Wha-? Rushed out, these machines? Naah, I just had a Macbook Pro that started melting on me, and uh, a white Macbook Core 2 Duo with a crack in the casing, and my new Macbook Pro’s paint is coming off and it’s DVD/CD-drive has almost completely failed and cost me quite some expensive DVD’s… Well, suffice to say, I will have to go to the Apple store soon and deliver these two laptops again, because they, too, are broken. I really love this hardware, but I wish it just wasn’t rushed this hard.

If you had a similar treatment as me, but are still in the process of dealing with Apple, show them these pictures. They have silently replaced the Magsafe with a better version, and you are entitled to this fix.

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  1. Great post. After I bought my Macbook Pro a friend told me that my magsafe power cord would break. She had one of the non-intel MBP’s and her cord had the original magsafe design. She had a lot of issues with Apple folks and eventually, she had to buy a new power adapter. I checked my magsafe connection today and it has the new design that is more flexible. It’s too bad Apple didn’t offer new adapters too folks who have had issues with their magsafe connection.

  2. 2

    Right after reading this post I immediately ditched my Mac Pro ran over to my MacBook to check out the MagSafe… I got the new version. Thanks though your post has helped one of my friends get a new MagSafe.