06 Dec iPhone’s Fatal Flaw
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Today (as if yesterday wasn’t bad enough) something bad happened. I think it was a plot, deliberately set up by the disturbing army of furry animals in my working environment.


One of the furry perpetrators.

Several of these fuzzy small animals (which I had posted about before) inhabit my workplace. My iPhone also inhabits my workplace. I read it through thoroughly, and I can guarantee you Apple simply failed to factor in this force of nature: kittens. In the course of the afternoon lunchtime, I had my iPhone lying on a book, in my bookshelf. I was sitting on my couch, which sits next to this bookshelf. I was furiously working away on a few icons for the Forgotten Mainframe set when a sound broke me out of my working flow.


The perpetrators, who were located in a section of the shelf above the section where my iPhone (and book) was lying, decided it was a brilliant idea to jump down to the section below them, using the protruding area of the book as a stepping stone. Unfortunately, the impact of several kittens on the side of the book made it act like a lever, slinging my iPhone into the floor like a trebuchet.

Needless to say, I hurried to check on the device. I clicked it on, checked the screen – nothing seemed wrong. I put it in a safe place and gave the kittens an evil stare.

Kittens, however, work far more subtly in their destructive ways.

I got a phone call. The marimba ringtone of the iPhone permeated my office, the device buzzing. A big finger-inviting green ‘slide to answer’ slider appeared on the lit screen. And then the terror began.


I tapped it. And I tapped it again, as if trying again would solve this problem of an iPhone touch screen changing into a regular vanilla screen. I rubbed it, gave it a hard reset. “Slide to Unlock”. Regardless of my sliding, it wouldn’t let me. The capacitive area behind the screen, sensing my fingers on the bottom half of my iPhone, was broken. The iPhone was now officially a paperweight.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t cover me since I live in the Netherlands, I hacked it, and they don’t like me in the first place (something about a molten Macbook Pro). Perhaps I’ll get a new one when I go to London in 2008, because yeah, that’s how much of a sucker I am.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that. I have to say that that’s the nightmare of every iphone owner out there.

    Just know, if mine became a paperweight, I’d definitely get another one. We’re all suckers :)

  2. 2

    Does the iPhone have a hold switch? It might be locked.

  3. 3
    Alejandro Correa 

    Nice one (:
    Try dropping it again, maybe that’ll reverse the damage

  4. 4

    Very sorry to hear that. I have an adult cat also, but i have taught him well to not approach any electronic device that i owned, especially Cellphone.

  5. 5

    Hooo that sucks…
    I shall receive mine next week.
    So it’s good I don’t have Kittens !

  6. 6
    Paul Taylor 

    That sucks! I’m quite glad Milo (my cat) hasn’t gotten round to breaking anything of mine yet. Though, I am expecting it sooner or later!

  7. 7
    Marie D. 

    Gosh, that just can’t be it, there must be something to do! That sucks!

  8. 8

    Hi Seb,

    Well, that’s a though break. Maybe a mail of the story to old Stevie might get you a replacement. He’s a pretty good guy, and a blog article like this one, might just be good publicity. Who knows ?

    What can you loose ??? Nothing !



  9. 9

    Argh that sucks bigtime, I am constantly worrying about dropping my precious iPhone, after the effort and time of importing then unlocking, for it to break is just horrible.

  10. 10
    Pedro Galliana 

    tes icones sont superves

  11. 11

    Suckzor… Mine’s broken too, LCD screen got about 1000 dead pixels at the top… Already ordered a new one though…

  12. Oy! Terrible fate for an iPhone.

  13. 13

    Hey dude – this is Brandon (lightrage, epic era, escapepodone @deviantart). I had this same problem and wrote a big post on it at my blog – end result, you pretty much need to go to the apple store to get a replacement :( My Sad iPhone Post

  14. Don’t give up on your iphone. i had this too twice already. everytime it recovered somehow. try to do a restart by pressing the two existing buttons for a long time and see if it works again then…
    mine did. but there is nothing more frustrating than that.

  15. 15

    Alas, Dominik, it won’t get to work again even after restoring / recovering.

  16. 16

    damn, dan ben je een van de weinige in nederland die zon leuk speeltje heeft, krijg je dit! zeker wel balen, misschien gelijk zon protective case/cover, whatever er bij halen als je er nog eentje op gaat pikken. hoeveel kost dat geintje eigelijk, als je er een in de UK gaat halen? Want ik ben blij met mijn touch maar ik wou dat ie kon bellen :P

  17. 17

    Actually, I dropped mine and it got all F’d up inside for a bit but I held down the home and sleep buttons at the same time until it goes to a black screen with the apple logo on it. Then, it will either “search” and recover automatically, or you’ll have to hook it back up to your laptop. the phone automatically backs up to iTunes, thank goodness, so you just click “restore to last known settings” or something like that.