29 Jun Icon requests. What to do?
Category: Icon Design, Personal

Hello readers. I’ve gotten quite a few people who have requests for a specific icon, whether it be a replacement or original icon, or a system icon, some people have some good ideas and want to see more icons pushed out.

I got vacation, and although I work a lot of client work and the second pack of the War on Bad Design icons is already underway, I want to see some requests. I might, if the amount of requests is sufficient, make a “Month of Icons” following the “Month of X” convention of making a new release each day. So, what do you want to see? Let me know in the comments or via email. As I said, sufficient requests means that you’ll get what you want.

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    Im interested in a “device pack”, icons for PSP, iPhone, TiVo, Wii, etc. Id like to use it for a side project and really love your work. The War on Bad Design was a perfect replacement for Defcon icons :-)

    – Jon

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    OÄŸuz Çelikdemir 

    could you do it CMS and Blog icons? Especially 16×16, 32×32 sizes, black and white sets. For example;
    Date,Tag,Link,Home Page, Categories,Folders,About, Contact, Rss, xhtml, css etc.