13 Apr Heart-eating experiment continued.
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Building further on my experiments with OpenGL.


As you can see, some color modulation and a post-process blur with additive blending does give it an edge. It’s nice, soft, and scenic. It can output a cool 40 images per minute, in it’s current, raw form. I may push it out, once I get things working like ‘true’ 3d scenics with shading.

Because xyz (Nate) asked for some details on this, I’ll happily disclose some. My ‘script’ (it used Python first, now most of it is just bare C++ or Objective-C) receives random input from any source (say, you could pipe your chat log into it, or the contents of your favorite MP3) and processes it into various arrays of data. It then randomly selects values to assign to properties of a hard-coded array of 3d objects, e.g. cubes, planes, and lines and their X, Y, Z positions and distortions. Most data, not being really random, create interesting patterns from strange perspectives. It uses basic lighting for every (simplified), depth testing for overlapping shapes, and depth-of-field (limited and simple). Overall, it looks landscape-like, or like it’s some sort of room or space. I think most outputted images are pretty much industry-grade, I made a mock-up of one of the generated images as a book cover.


For now, it’s just an experiment. Some other cool graphic stuff from my classmate, Jelmar. He’s working on ‘Sixty Pounder’, a great characteristic ‘fat face’ for expressive messages. As quoted from Jules & co;


Jelmar, and me, of course, enjoy feedback like Nate’s. Please, let us know what you want to know, or what you want to see! I’ll upload some wallpaper-sized images (any idea on sizes? I already have 1920×1200 written down). Email me!

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    Fun stuff. Would make a great desktop. Can you hint us as to what scripts you are running?

  2. 2

    I am eating my heart out! Love where your going with this stuff! Enjoying the ones with the splash of colour! Very urbanesque! Keep at it!! :o)

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