30 Apr Got it!
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Well, I got what I wanted. I’m sorry for being quiet lately, but it was my birthday yesterday, and I got quite sick today, so I just wanted to give a small update before things will start to change around here. You can guess that May first is a bit in the blue; I don’t know if I will be able to get the new two ‘layouts’ finished in time. Anyway, work will continue, so you’ll notice, eventually.


Don’t you people miss a lot? My last iPod was a second generation iPod, 40 gigabytes, and it died (battery) quite quickly. Not so good for 600 euros of hard-earned cash. I hope this new nano will serve me a bit more faithfully.

Strangely, there are a lot of applications for the iPod, but very few seem to serve my purpose. There are very few apps to synchronize unread Mail, RSS articles, convert PDF’s to a rich text file and export it, and do ‘widget’ tasks (get weather, TV guide, stocks, or other info on your iPod). The biggest gripe, however, I have with my new iPod, is very simple; I want to see it’s battery life status on my Mac.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, yet nobody seems to have picked this up. I’ll see what I can do, myself.

Stay tuned for the monthly blog redesign.

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2 Responses

  1. Great ! Have a nice time with your new (real, this time) iPod !

  2. 2

    Congrats man, you will enjoy it. however, when I read about your plans (RSS, Mail, …) I fear that the screen will be the only serious limitation. As I told you, I have an iPod Video 30gb, and I for sure wouldn’t want to read a lot of text on it. It’s just not comfortable and only seems to be a mis-use of this sweet little device. It’s just not designed for that kind of use imho.

    Btw. if you want to tweak the shit out of your iPod, I recommend “Rockbox”, a custom firmware for all kinds of mp3 players.