24 May General annoyances.
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You know, I actually made my first real own lolcat. It’s at the end of this post.

I study at an Art Academy, here in the Netherlands. I am sure that gives you a very glamorous idea of how things would look, stylish and thoughtful design and all – but I have to disappoint you. Take a look at this.


First of all, it’s not just Arial Black we are using here. This facade actually cut plates of metal with a laser, for a lot of money, and out of a major list of typefaces, went to great lengths to pick… Arial Black? And what’s up with the CAPITALS? It’s absolutely horrid and disgraceful for any Art Academy. Because I hate it so much, I made a list of reasons why I hate it;

  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • And, the most important reason of all…

  • It’s Arial Black in capitals.
  • Also, notice the beautiful dislocated inner negative space of the ‘R’. I have found many to agree with my opinion that this should be torn off the building overnight. I happily quote the most influential figure amongst them;


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    4 Responses

    1. 1

      They could have also used Comic Sans… ;)

    2. 2

      If that would have been the case, I would have to get it down. Maybe even burn it.

    3. 3

      I am sure it was made by the lowest bidder!

    4. Ugh so ugly. I am ashamed. And that on a building owned by a school which once taught Wim Crouwel.


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