30 Oct Futurist Interfaces.
Category: Interface Design

This is a demonstration of Skyrails, a new visualisation system for datasets. It struck me that this is awfully similar to the scene from Hackers where they flew through that ‘city’ of ‘databases’ with all sorts of fancy eyecandy going on, but this is actually useful in plotting data and navigating it (or so it seems, judging from the short demo). Edit; Jelmar of Typehigh pointed out it’s eerily similar to EVE Online’s ingame star chart and overall camera work. Perhaps it was an inspiration.

If you’re pleased by what you see, you might be interested in checking out some of those fancy fantasy interfaces for the silver screen over at Mark Coleran’s portfolio.

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    Lieve broer, tsja niet echt op de inhoud moet ik zeggen, maar ik zie net je nieuwe blog, harstikke mooi! Ik hou wel van die natuurkleuren, heb zelf (ja burgerlijkheid zelve haha) net een dekbedovertrek (ja bij de ikea ja, so sue me ;) ) in een mooie aardetint gekocht, maar ik vind jouw website erg fancy! Laten we maar snel weer eens wat doen, jullie zijn nu eens welkom in Groningen!
    Lieve kus van je zus(je)

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    Thanks for the link to Mark Coleran.

    I always think of movies that try to depict hacking in a “virtual” sense. Whilst pretty, it’s almost always more powerful to work at the command line.

    Sidenote – Johnny Long gives some great examples of how “hacking” is depicted in movies in this shmoocon presentation – http://www.shmoocon.org/2006/videos/Long-HollywoodANDClosing.mp4

    I look forward to the day when interfaces can be both visually attractive and powerful. Office 2007 is getting there (the ‘ribbon’ toolbar interface is actually quite useful).

    When designing interfaces, it’s tempting to go for the ‘wow’ factor, but in the end – they need help you perform a task. If your shiny interface doesn’t help me do a task faster, then you’ve failed.