07 Mar Flight404 and Trentemoller
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Neat, eh? This is the ‘gravity orb’ script by Flight404. I hope he goes out of his way and publishes the code, that would be cool. I should look more into Processing, it’s API has grown so considerably. Processing is a toolkit that was inteded for musicians, artists, and other people to make artistic coding more accessible. It spits out Java code, or so I am told. Of course, our Flight404 here uses OpenGL as well.
I am a user of Drawbot and Nodebox myself, because I just love Python — even some baby steps in PyOpenGL taken in the last month, but OpenGL is something new to me and I hope to harness a lot more of it’s power in this year. This is a prime example of how cool it can be.

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  1. I absolutely emphatically second your point about publishing the code. I think he would be a hero for doing that (assuming the license is also open). I will also post to this extent to his blog or email.

    I hadn’t heard of Processing before today, so thanks for showing me that. I had a quick look into the sound processing aspect, and from looking at ESS, which seems to be the glue most people use, it looks like Flight404 made his own custom kit.