06 Mar February in Pictures
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With the sleepwatcher and isightcapture binaries, you can have fun stuff – especially if you use it to double as a thief-proof bread-crumb trail to your laptop, where-ever it is. I made a script to take pictures on failed login attempts, login, and wake-up. When it has taken the images, it stays resident for a while and fingers the computer’s network access for host-name information, does a trace-route (non-priviledged tcptraceroute, no edges cut here) to gather information on it’s geographical location, and sends the most recent image, datestamped, in base64 encoding to a private email address. For now, it’s just like watching a monkey :> 12-02-07 to 01-03-07:


If anyone wants the script, I’d be more than happy to hand over the code.

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    Yes please!

  2. 2

    Thanks in advance :-P

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    J G 

    How do I ask for a copy?