29 Nov But what do you have to hide?
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Excellent movie I had already seen, but I figured I wanted to share with people who feel less strongly about this.

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    Hmm, I agree to an extent but some of the topics discussed, for example the biometric passports, I don’t agree with.
    Just because we associate those methods of identification with criminals doesn’t have to mean that data from your fingerprints or eye colour is too invasive. With the technology to produce important documents such as this becoming more available, how else are the authorities going to be sure who you are?

  2. 2

    While it is a nicely produced video, it is spreading FUD. It is a perfect example of people shooting down security ideas and plans, but not having an alternative. Either come up with a better solution or find a way of modifying the current practice to make it better.

  3. Simple solution – don’t change it from what it used to be. There’s absolutely no need. None of the attacks thus far would have been prevented or deflected with any of these invasive techniques.

    (Psst – none of the “airline security” measures that have been implemented mean anything either. Lock the cabin door and be done with it.)


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