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I guess if it’s my birthday, I might as well celebrate it with something my readers will like. Over the time, the CSS of the blog has gone a tad messy, with some relics of the old layout and an inconsistent sidebar.
There were bugs in the last version (links getting bolder screwed with layout), there are bugs in this version (IE, main image header off-alignment by 2 pixels) and the promise of the two-color theme haven’t been made true yet. But that all will change!

In a push towards total consistency and a more enjoyable reading, I am working hard on two complimentary stylesheets with their own graphics for the blog. I think I’ll settle with it as being the ‘May Theme’, just like March’s theme was replaced 3 weeks ago by this one.

Okay, I hear you; you want a bit in on the goodness. “Even though it’s 5 days away, why not see some eye-candy now? You -are- working on it, right?” — yup! Here’s some of the goodness. And I know that there are more people out there who think black themes rock, well, now there is one for me and you, and one for the people who like the white better.



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    Richard Migneron 

    I just love your black themes and what you’ve done for the Praetorian application, great.

    It’s not often that we see a good black layout.

    Question : How do I get to try out Praetorian ??




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