29 Jun Apple.com adjusted for iPhone already…
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Well, if you ever wanted some higher-res images of the arrows in the iPhone or were wondering what Apple will do to integrate Apple.com and the iPhone, here’s a scoop;


Also, as you can see in the Downloads section, all rollovers are disabled when you use an iPhone. Obvious, but clever that they’ve got it all in line. Speaking of which (this is unrelated to the post’s topic), Apple Downloads…


I was put on it overnight, this time around (thanks guys!) and, as the day is progressing, I have already transferred about 5 gigabyte of icon material. That’s neat! An excellent reception of the icon set and something that will definitely encourage me to make a second one. As I said, pass on requests and icon ideas in the last post.

Thanks, everyone at Macthemes and Apple.com – the input and downloads are appreciated. More cool unveilings very soon.

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