08 May App news update, Randleaf á la carte and more.
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Randleaf is still progressing, albeit slowly. I’ve taken the task of doing some rough semiotics on the produce of this little program, and I am almost done making a few categories with guidelines and ‘creation flags’ that really 99% of all generated images adhere to. Uh, I could say, Randleaf is going á la carte; it’s becoming increasingly simple to define what image you want to see coming out of it.


I had proposed this analysis of Randleaf’s products to my Illustration teacher, and he accepted it as a free project, so that’s good – I can rarely ever make my personal work rhyme with my education; graphic design isn’t new media, after all, and not all media is fun to me (don’t ask me anything about video, I don’t really like it).

In the meantime, the blog’s uneasy silence is caused by the impending release of new blog styles, the Cocoia main site, and several personal projects including but not limited to improving the overall look of Mac OS X open-source utilities and my two (I’d almost say, make that three) apps. At the moment, you could say my day is getting a bit hectic with projects;

1. School work (obligatory illustrations, essays, etc.)
2. Timezones 1.0 (due May 15th)
3. CCC presentation(s) (due for submission before May 15th)
4. Daily build and troubleshoot of Praetorian and iSight Expert; I switch products as I feel like it, but admittedly, Praetorian is seeing a lot of attention as it’s data management and import had to be redone -again- when I discovered FreeRADIUS has raddb inconsistencies across versions.
5. Personal website work.
6. Other commissioned work I am not at liberty to discuss.
7. When my girlfriend’s lucky, personal work-outs for actual physique.

Busy? I feel at times, it kills me, I’ve had an incredible headache for two weeks now, which gets paralyzing at moments. Fortunately, my code is starting to make a lot more sense; I am really getting around the whole unit-testing paradigm and all my projects are seeing a lot of attention to details and cleanup. I strongly suspect the whole headache fuzz is mostly caused by a lack of rest, which I think I can do better with. Sometimes I can’t even grok my reference documents or get my mind around mentally sculpting concepts.

On a side note, the OS X spell-checker wanted to correct “FreeRADIUS” with “ferrari’s”. I suppose it has the same ring to it. I imagined actually writing an app that manages ferrari’s on your Mac, but that’s just too much fun to bear.

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