04 May Ah, what the hell.
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I thought, go download your own and see if it works out for you. I got mail from Nano users willing to test too, so hey.

The beta of Cocoia Timezones is now public. Be sure to read the readme and follow installer instructions. It allows you to choose a different directory to install to (recommended).


Features excluded in this BETA version:

  • Personalised timezone overlay,
  • New 1.0 themes,
  • Map smooth motion.
  • This is not feature complete. Please test this for me, and give me feedback about bugs, inconsistencies, and suggestions at this address.

    Download now.

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    4 Responses

    1. 1
      P. Daulton 

      Nice graphics! I’m seeing some inconsistencies though from the GMT+/- on the map and what is shown in the bar on the bottom of the screen.

      For example, the November Time Zone on the map shows a GMT of -1, but in the bar on the bottom of the screen it’s -2. Likewise for the next three time zones heading west. Easy fix I’d imagine.

      BTW, I’m using a 5.5g 30G iPod Video. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    2. 2

      Thanks a lot, P.! I’ll look at this for the next revision.

    3. 3
      Claude Bolduc 

      Nice! I can certainly see the use for this… although, on my own Nano, I’ve set up as many clocks (for the main city in each timezone) as there are zones, focusing on global friendships.

      Your version is way nicer, though…

    1. [...] You can download the beta here for evaluation purposes. The final version will have a demo, but it will be somewhat restricted. [...]


    1. Cocoia Blog » Timezones 1.0 release announcement.
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