14 Aug A few notes…
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I wanted to announce a few other things. First of all, I will celebrate a whopping three days of vacation at Lowlands 2007, a musical festival that is all about atmosphere. You there? Spot me and get a free drink (it’s the guy in the Cocoia t-shirt, duh).

More importantly for all blog readers; as I have announced yet another War on Bad Design icon set it makes all the more sense to do some price-slashing! In the days that I’m out (starting thursday, August 16th and ending monday, August 20th), Noble, my stock icon set, will be discounted to a mere 30 euro’s. Be snappy and get it while it’s hot (and practically free – had I mentioned to you you get addon packs for free and a lifetime of free use?). And who knows, if sales are going well, I might stick with the price.

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    Hi! I just have a question about your “Noble” icon set. You say that it’s ready for Leopard and resolution independance, but apple recommends icons at 512×512 pixels for that. Is there a 512×512 format for you icons or it’s just 128 pixels maximum?
    Thanks and congrats for your work!

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