04 Dec Dreamhack ‘09 Video
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As promised, here is my video of this year’s massive Dreamhack Winter event. I didn’t even come close to visiting all the cool places, but it does give a great impression of the scale and fun of this event. I recommend the HD version of the video, available at Vimeo, for your viewing pleasure.

The music is ‘Nostrand’, by Ratatat, from the album Classics. Hope to see you at one of the many LAN-parties I will be attending in 2010!


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    Dreamhack ‘09 Video
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  1. 1

    Sweet. The video doesn’t work that well in Firefox, though :/

  2. 2

    I replaced it with a vimeo embed for now. Stupid HTML5 video tag ;)

  3. 3

    I love the pirate ship thingie you walk past in the first minute. who the hell built that thing? :D


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