17 Jan
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It’s nice to see Apple finally updating the canon of Mac inteface design – the HIG, or Human Interface Guidelines – that you can read or download in PDF form here. I particularly liked the revamped section on icons, including a ‘Creating Icons‘ (albeit very basic, gives a good idea of the process of adding realism to icons) and the ‘Designing Toolbar Icons‘ section. A good read either way, as it’s very low on jargon and very high on interesting gotchas.

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12 Jan
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airdisk.pngI got a nice Airport Extreme router, with gigabit ethernet, 802.11n-draft wi-fi, and a shiny USB port. Since I also keep most of my stuff on my external USB drive, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hook up my movies and music to the router, so I could watch movies and listen to my music wherever I went, and regardless of the computer I was on. I set up the Airport, plugged in the disk, and walked back to my laptop.

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08 Jan
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I had a MacWorld countdown on my Mac because of this, but now it can go.


The new Mac Pro. If only the store would go back up – I am getting one of these puppies.

08 Jan
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I’m not sure how I missed this, but it’s… unique.


Brand New has a nice writeup, but there’s an equally nice equation to the logotype in the article you simply cannot miss. x + x + x (III) = ?

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06 Jan
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Whether you have purchased movies online, made digital backups, or simply have movies stored on your Mac or on an external drive, it tends to turn into a rather dull folder tree with a list of movie titles. Quick look or Cover Flow won’t help me out – I put my movies in directories.


Ouch, this isn’t exactly visual browsing.

Since I had this problem with my digitalized movie collection and I wanted to browse them casually, while at parties and with friends on my Macbook Pro, or simply at home on a dull afternoon, I figured something out to make everything a lot more appealing. Dive on in.

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04 Jan
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An interesting interview covering all sorts of topics like customization, icons, and bits about Panic and the Iconfactory on Macthemes. Very nice read, and one of the best articles on Macthemes I read so far.

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