27 Oct
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Judge for yourself;


via Flickr.

26 Oct
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I solved problems with uploaded images in my previous posts today with a huge hand from Brian, who solved this rather peculiar problem very elegantly.

The issues were centered on the tendency of my old WordPress install putting files in a path like this;


Read on for the solution.

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25 Oct
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Excellent article by Adrian Shaughnessy about designers; empathizers and egotists.

25 Oct
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It’s been an exciting day for me; apart from rounding up some client work, I went out and bought an Airport Extreme router and upgraded my hacked iPhone to the latest firmware (1.1.1), which is notorious in ‘bricking’ iPhones. 
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25 Oct
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Mike Lee has posted a very insightful blog post at motherfucker (that’s the name of his blog), called The Power of Charity. It’s about, well, charity, and presents some very cool ways that Delicious Monster uses charity to ‘teach’ users to give. It also shows some alternative ideas to make charity more accessible. Very worthwhile read.

24 Oct
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As a tangy addition to my services in the time Leopard is being released, I am offering all my current clients and clients, who book(ed) a case with me for OS X icons, between now and November 9th a complimentary HTML stationery template design for the new Mail.app. Some eye-candy (of course I’m an early adopter ;));


One of my favorite Leopard features by far; the new Mail.app.