10 Aug
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Tomorrow will see a wild announcement. No, really, something all of you will really, really, really like. Stay tuned, subscribers, leechers and readers alike.


08 Aug
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‘Tis late, but it’s been quite a day.


Noble has gone on sale, finally, and this gorgeous 128-to -16 pixel sized icon set has quite a lot in (icon) store. As you can read on the website, various icons have been included for specific Leopard features, modern devices and in the tradition of Cocoia, requests will be honoured like the ones that will be announced with this conclusion of the contest that will give away four licenses of this great cornucopia of icons. The Noble Add-on set that will follow out of this will be free for the contest winners and all other license holders!

Contest Winner 1: Kyle Nilson

Nobody came close to Kyle’s excellent suggestion in terms of both originality and feasability;

One of the most under-catered fields in GUI is biology and the hard sciences in general. A great deal of developers homebrew apps to calculate annealing temperatures, enzyme digests, chemical compounds, and other technical mixes. In addition, one must often use small simple apps to program various tools to work properly, such as mixer tables, PCR machines, centrifuges, microscopy packages, and ultraviolet photoboxes.

All of these apps are simple to use if one knows where to click and what to do, but easy to use GUIs are rare. Very few scientists are effective at icon creation or design. If quality, royalty free icons existed for biology, chemistry, and physics, a great deal of apps would be improved and become easy to use, a great benefit for incoming students and up and coming researchers.

Various icons are needed for DNA, RNA, timers, enzymes, temperatures (both metric and imperial), forces, compounds, master mixes, and many other thoughts, ideas, and processes in the scientific world. (…)

It sure did, Kyle!

Contest Winners 2, 3, and 4; ;

Nicholas Brawn suggested a console / terminal icon, a (network) activity icon, and something that represents logs or log viewing. An excellent suggestion.

Leif Singer had a fantastic list of suggestions like Operation.Success, Operation.warning, User.login / User.logout, Clipboard.copy and Clipboard.paste, Document.print, Sort.descending and ascending and Document.SaveAs. Fantastic all around.

Last but not least, Zac Cohan offered suggestions for website functions like Home, Support, Downloads, Help documentation, user login, and various navigational elements. Thanks for the tip, Zac!

I hope the winners enjoy their licenses a lot and starting now, you’ll be able to support my endeavour for freeware icons and ad-less websites by buying yourself a set – it’s a lifetime of use and great karma. Good night, everyone!

05 Aug
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Ahh, the contest! The response was quite nice. I have discarded 13 submissions today because they really, really weren’t (wherever you live) within the deadline. A neat 142 submissions remain. I have, honestly, already sorted them and I think I have my winners. The website will be up August 7th, as will the blog post with the winning suggestions and I’ll be sure to send out the packs on that date as well. Thanks, everyone, for the numerous input and perhaps until another contest.

I talked about Iconizements in another post, they basically entail small targeted ‘advertising’ on freeware icons. You ‘donate’ a given amount of money as, say, “Company X”, and the next icon set would be (example!) “Company X Potato Icons”, featuring amongst things a potato grater with Company X’s logo embossed in it. Since I want to introduce people to it, I want a few developing companies / individuals willing to give it a try. In this case, your donation is voluntary and there will be some small icon sets featuring the specifications I outlined above. To summarize: Get a bit of free advertising! Yup, right here, on my icons. Why don’t you drop me an email?

And be sure to get rid of those nasty _()_ signs in my email address. ‘Tis to fight the bots.

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