12 Jul
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Okay, so if you want to comment on my blog now, you’ll have to help digitise old books. Yeah, really. I thought it was a nice cause and my general dissatisfaction of Captcha’s was overruled by this cute effort. Now, for the good cause, drop a comment ;).

Info: This means I am now using a captcha to combat blog comment spam (which got to over 2500 comments per day) and you have to type two words. That’s all there is to it, and it can be spoken aloud or refreshed. No worries!

09 Jul
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With a small Icon Designer update, I present to you without further ado, the seven first releases of the Designer Icons set. It will be split up into three consecutive releases to give me time to tweak every detail.


Click the preview above to go to the download page and send any of your desktop screenshots, warm input, or greetings to me via my vcard or email address on Icon Designer. I hope you enjoy it!

04 Jul
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A tad silent around here lately, just want to show you there’s some very cool stuff in the pipeline apart from all the predictable developments of this month.

Picture 15.png

The set will be called “Designer Icons” and will be available from Icon Designer as soon as it’s ready.

01 Jul
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Picture 19 1.jpg

The new Cocoia.com is up! I hope you enjoy a more consistent expirience across the Cocoia ‘brand’ sites and expect to see some good additions soon. We’re going into an exciting month.