25 Apr Looking forward

My 21st birthday is a few days away. Contrary to the previous years, where I posted on my birthday and occasionally reflected on the past, the way I live and work today is far more oriented towards what is yet to come, and as such I won’t do that again this year. 2008 was a great year for me, and 2009, so far, has not been any different. I won’t be posting about my birthday on April 29th; instead, I’ll be posting some new downloadable goodies on that date. For now, I want to look forward; there’s a pretty elaborate schedule ahead.


Apart from small and large clients that have booked my time, I’ll be in San Francisco in June for WWDC – with no conference ticket; I am really not doing so well that I can pay a whopping 1300 dollars for some days of networking with people, although I do intend to meet up with as many of you as I can – and the Fall season will involve one or more trips to Japan and possibly other asian countries. I also hope to show off some great work I have done in the last few months in May / June.

Regarding Asia, I am not sure why, but my Japanese (and Chinese) website traffic has been increasing tremendously (こんにちは!), and I have gotten a lot more Japanese clients as well. Perhaps my learning Japanese has something to do with it, although I haven’t talked about that a lot; Japanese culture fascinates me, and I am pleased with being able to get closer to it. I’ll probably be showing off some videos of my work for Japanese companies in the Fall of 2009.

And then there’s this blog. While my writing dwindled a bit under the stress of some extended projects, I will be finishing a lot of blog posts in the next weeks. I will preview the next version of Icon Resource (new course material is free for existing members), release a small new icon set, and talk about iPhone icons and the iPhone OS 3.0’s new color profile, which I have investigated. I will also publish an article about my own billing and accounting workflow complete with an interview with the guys that provide my top billing solution: Marketcircle, and, best of all, several nice software (and hardware) giveaways are coming up.

Due to this, I’m now also entering a partnership with the cool guys at Fusion. I have never considered advertising on my blog, but Fusion has a beautiful format and shows products I use and love as well. I think it’d also suit the blog and your sensibilities as a reader. Your input on this is of course welcome. I hope you enjoyed this peek at what’s in the pipeline!

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    I can’t believe you’re an year older than me…

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    Hey sebastiaan:

    Happy early birthday! Assuming I can make it to WWDC this year, I will try to find some time outside of the conference to meet up. Just a quick question, will the Icon Resource current videos be available to new customers after you add the more videos?

  3. 3

    Pierce: Yep :)

  4. 4


    You rock!

  5. Blows my mind that you’re 5 years younger than me, and already so accomplished! Cheers to you.

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    Francis Gabon 

    hi there,
    just want to point out a little mistake in the japanese sentence
    it’s 「こんにちは」 and not 「こんいちは」

    can’t wait to see what you’ve done for the japanese market :)


  7. you only have a few months on me too! Early birthday wishes dude! Every post of yours is always insightful so I look forward to the blog posts and releases. Keep up the amazing work and thanks for turning me onto billings, I think I may switch from my old filemaker setup for invoices, it looks very slick.

  8. Congratulations man, I can’t wait for what’s to come. Keep up the awesome work!!

  9. 9

    Heppy birthday Sebastiaan!
    Looking forward to see your next posts about icons!
    … and enjoy your Japanese trips!

    P.S. I am terribly jealous that you go to WWDC! ;)

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    Happy Birthday! The interesting thing is that you share your birthday with my son that turn 11 on the 29th – I was myself born on the 28th (won’t tell the year)
    Taurus rules!

    We are launching our blog this week, I’d love to interview “the icon master” for our ‘who’s who’
    What do you think?
    Take care

  11. 11

    wow, awesome work! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip to SF :)

  12. 12

    i want that as my wallpaper!! except without the 21

  13. 13

    Geez, I’ve been reading your blog lately and I never thought you were that young!
    Happy Birthday!

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