22 Jun Leopard: Preview meets the Shining.
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Craig Hockenberry said this little bit about the Preview icon on twitter, and I felt like making an actual blog post out of this. It’s astonishing.

In Tiger, we’ve all known and loved (or hated) is a bit changed in Leopard. Here’s what it was like in high-resolution;


I must say I find the icon a bit more agreeable on this size, but I still find the overly simple gradients on the ‘eyeglass’ disturbingly ugly. They don’t fit the appearance of the icon at all. But enough for that, here’s the really disturbing part. Leopard’s got a new-ish Preview icon, also featuring ‘the Preview kid’.


And as you can see, the kid is now captured with a gaze that one could best describe as ‘demonic’ or ‘possessed’. It’s a rather freaky image, which reminds me, personally, of a rather well-known person in popular culture.

40 jack nicholson fait le malin.jpg

Doesn’t it just scream ‘the Shining’ to you? Do you think the Apple design division has been Kubrickified? Am I just terribly, terribly wrong and is there a whole story to Johnny? (hint: “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!“) Drop a comment!

Edit; One could say, that after my cursing the Preview icon, the darn stock photo kid has finally gotten what’s going to him and he had got a stroke in the photo shoot. Err, whatever.


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