15 Mar Razer Mamba Giveaway
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Razer, a manufacturer of ‘gaming’-class hardware has recently announced Mac support for their entire product line. It’s a badly kept secret that I’m a big fan of Razer’s offerings (particularly their mice), and that makes me especially happy to announce this giveaway.

To bring attention to Razer now considering the Mac platform a serious alternative to Windows for gaming, I’m giving away Razer’s flagship mouse, the Mamba. It’s a fantastic mouse, with wired and wireless modes (it even charges when you plug the wire in) and its design matches Mac hardware quite well. It retails for about $120.

And yes, you can disable that blue lighting in software.

I’m also throwing in a complimentary beta key for APB and a Source-engine game of your choice on Steam, like Counter-Strike: Source, Portal, Team Fortress 2 or Half-Life 2 (remember: Steam is coming to Mac in April!).

Retweet this post any time between today and Wednesday, March 17th to qualify. You should follow me on twitter here so I can DM you when the winners are picked. Winners will also be announced on my twitter and the blog April 2nd.

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  1. 1
    jeremy c. 

    Will probably participate in this, that mouse looks awesome :)

  2. 2

    Already tweeted. Now DM me your address so I can mail you boxes of Oreos. :P

  3. How can I one-up Oreos?


    Nope, I can’t.

  4. 4

    You can’t trump Oreos. Wait, yes you can! Double-stuff Oreos!

  5. 5

    That a fucking good giveaway !!

    i love razer, their product are just perfect, especially the mouse ….

  6. Does it matter if we go new retweet vs classic retweet?

  7. 7

    @Jason: No, doesn’t matter.

  8. Retweeted! Curious though, will you ship worldwide?

  9. 9
    Tony Gil 

    I just recently bought this mouse and LOVE it!! I’m very picky with my mouses and have a good collection of many that i’ve tried. It needs to feel right and track smoothly across my 30 inch display and laptop. The blue lights definitely give it a “Wow” factor! It’s important for me to have creative stuff around me, stuff that motivates me and gets me excited. The look-and-feel of the mouse does all of the above. Check out my video that shows what I did with the nice casing :-)

  10. 10

    I love me some Razer goodness, but I can’t see how design of these mice resembles Mac hardware in any way. -1 for you, Sebastiaan.

  11. 11
    Kyle Rose 

    Finally, a pretty awesome giveaway. This would be awesome on my newly redone desk!

  12. 12

    Nice giveaway!

  13. 13

    Found your website when I was looking for quality icons for my desktop. Surely found some of them and even more: Cocoia website looks good and has interesting content to look at. :) Thanks for nice website.

  14. 14

    Awesome giveaway, I tweeted and follow on Twitter cdziuba


  15. Sweet! April 2nd is the day before my birthday [yes, I share a birthday with actress Amanda Bynes and the iPad].

  16. 16

    this is a great giveaway! thanks for the chance I would love it!

  17. 17
    Alison Scott 

    OK, I’ve retweeted. Great looking mouse

  18. 18
    Miranda Allen 

    AWESOME Mouse

  19. 19

    [Drifting slight off-topic, but in the same context.]

    The razer mice are great, and it’s good to see them introduce Mac support, but their Mac configuration app is awful with an icon apparently put together in Paintbrush [ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4261/Razer.icns ]

    It’s just weird to see that icon and the app among the other beautifully designed apps, some icons which are designed by @cocoia himself.

  20. 20

    It’s cool the giveaway’s been extended :)

    Will it improve/hurt my chances to RT again even though I did it for the original giveaway?


  21. 21

    Couldn’t find my first post back on twitter so i RT’t again.

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